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The First Miracle

Tim Keller |  January 6, 2013

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Acts 3:2-8; 13-23
RS 338-05


Our passage today is on the first miracle the apostles perform after the resurrection of Jesus, which is at the very beginning of the Christian church. If you want to learn about the topic of suffering, you go to the book of Job or a lot of other places in the Bible that seem to deal with it more directly. But this passage is actually a lot about suffering.

This miracle, in many ways, is typical of so many of the other miracles of the New Testament done by Jesus or by apostles. If you understand this one, in some ways you’ll be able to understand all of the miracles in the New Testament. We’re going to see that it points 1) upward, 2) forward, 3) inward, and 4) downward. This is the grid for us to learn about suffering and to see the meaning of New Testament miracles.



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