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The First Temptation of Christ

Tim Keller |  December 22, 2002

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  • Hope
Luke 2:34-35; 4:1-13
RS 155-04

Luke 2:34–35; 4:1–13

The birth of Jesus, often associated with warmth and joy, actually symbolizes the difficulties and struggles in life. When Simeon sees Jesus, he realizes that Jesus will face rejection and conflict, reminding us that life is full of challenges and temptations. However, the way to deal with these is to understand when, where, and how to find hope in these battles, as Jesus did when he was tempted in the desert.

1. When is the fight?

Even Jesus, who was perfect, faced evil, showing us that even the best people don’t always have easy lives. Life is a fight, and it’s important to know this so we don’t blame ourselves when things go wrong. Also, it’s crucial to know where our struggles come from.

2. Where is the front?

Recognizing that evil exists beyond the physical world helps us understand and fight against it better. Jesus’ selfless kingdom is contrasted with Satan’s selfish power, reminding us that every choice we make aligns us with one of these two. Even small decisions can lead to big consequences. This shows that evil actions usually come from a series of choices, highlighting the importance of forgiveness and the danger of holding grudges. Ultimately, our choices shape us into either resembling Satan or Jesus.

3. What’s our hope?

Jesus overcoming temptation is a great example for us, showing how vital Scripture and wisdom are in resisting Satan’s tricks. Jesus’ reactions during hard times reveal his true character, and his experience with temptation highlights his role as our Savior, living the life we should and dying the death we should have. By recognizing Jesus as the ultimate power and understanding the purpose of Scripture, we can resist Satan’s attempts to make us doubt our worth and purpose.



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