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The First Word

Tim Keller |  November 23, 2008

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  • Creation
  • The Fall
Genesis 1:3-25
RS 310-2


The Bible is about how the world was made and ruined, how it was rescued through Jesus Christ, and how someday it’s going to be remade into a new heavens and new earth.

In order to trace out that storyline, we’re first taking a look at Genesis. In Genesis 1, we have the doctrine, the teaching on creation. It’s a very big subject.

Let’s look at what the Bible teaches about creation under three headings: 1) understanding the doctrine of creation, 2) practicing the doctrine of creation, but even more, 3) experiencing the doctrine of creation.

Genesis 1:1–25

Genesis explores the idea of creation, including the making of the sky, earth, and all living things, and this sets the groundwork for the Bible’s main story of creation, the fall of man, salvation, and restoration. People’s understanding of Genesis can differ, but all point out the beauty of creation, the combination of spirit and physical matter, and the unique belief in one God. The story highlights that every person is created in God’s image, how mankind has strayed from God, the responsibility to tackle problems in society, and the wonder of nature as a mirror of God’s magnificence. The story reaches a high point with Jesus Christ playing key roles as both the Maker and the Savior of the world.



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