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The Freedom of Commitment (3rd)

Tim Keller |  May 15, 1994

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  • The Ten Commandments
Matthew 7:15-23
RS 48-06

Matthew 7:15–23

Matthew 7:15-23 warns us about tricksters who pretend to be prophets. It tells us that just saying you follow God isn’t enough – you must truly do what God wants. This part of the Bible reminds us that the third commandment isn’t just about not using God’s name carelessly. It’s also about the serious issue of pretending to be something you’re not, the power of a name, the value of realness in our relationships, and the need for both right thinking and authentic living in faith.

1. Letting God guide you

Jesus explains that being a Christian means letting God guide your actions. However, some people who say they’re Christians don’t do this. They do good things but don’t actually let God direct their lives. Many people want a religion that makes them think, feel good, and helps society, but they don’t want to give up their independence or follow God’s Word. It’s important to remember that truth is a rule, not just a good idea. Knowing right from wrong isn’t up to us – it’s based on God’s Word, which means we need to give up our independence and let God guide us.

2. Understanding God’s love

Being a Christian isn’t about doing things to earn God’s love – it’s about doing things because we know God already loves and accepts us. We must stop trying to save ourselves and instead find our value in God’s love, not what others think or what we can do. As Christians, we should live in a way that shows God’s love and kindness, knowing that how we act can shape what others think of Jesus. This might mean giving up control and facing challenging demands, but it’s part of accepting Him.



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