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The Freedom of Purity; The Sanctity of Sex (7th)

Tim Keller |  June 12, 1994

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  • Sexuality
  • The Ten Commandments
RS 48-13

Proverbs 5:15–23

The book of Proverbs, especially the seventh rule, highlights the importance of staying true to your spouse. Today, sex is everywhere in our culture. But the Bible teaches us a balanced, wise, and healthy view on sex. This view is often misunderstood because society is so focused on sex. In Proverbs, the Bible speaks about sex in terms of its beauty, its purpose, and its powerful impact.

1. The beauty of it

The Ten Commandments aren’t just about what not to do—they also promote love, kindness, and generosity. This includes having a positive view on sex. Christianity, despite what people may think, actually encourages delight and closeness in sex, but within marriage. The idea of sex being a connection between a Christian and Christ shows us the joy of being fully loved and appreciated by God. It’s like a story of the gospel and points us to something even greater.

2. The purpose of sex

According to the Bible, sex is a way to express complete and exclusive commitment. It’s meant for a man and a woman in the sacred space of marriage. Just like being close to God requires full commitment, the true purpose of sex can only be fully experienced within marriage. If we misuse this powerful act outside of marriage, we’re not just going against its purpose. We’re also hurting ourselves, making us harder instead of building trust and deepening our bonds.

3. The Power of Sex

Sex can be addictive and can either set you free or trap you, depending on whether it’s in line with God’s plan. But God’s grace gives us hope. It tells us to turn away from wrongs and urges us to resist temptation. It’s only by understanding Christ’s love and experiencing God’s grace that we can stand before God, unashamed and loved.



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