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The Freedom of Service – 2 (1st)

Tim Keller |  April 24, 1994

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  • Church Planting and Missions
  • Salvation
  • Understanding the Gospel
Acts 4:7-20; Exodus 20:3
RS 48-03


Many people say they like Christianity, but they don’t understand why Christians evangelize others. Behind this line of thinking is a misconception about Christianity. Christianity is not a series of instructions about how we should live. It is primarily an announcement about the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. This is what leads Peter and John to say that there is no other name under heaven by which people can be saved.

Acts 4:7–20; Exodus 20:3

Christianity is special because it’s not just about following rules, but it’s about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. This good news, or “gospel”, is the heart of our faith. If we take that away, Christianity loses its meaning. Let’s look at three reasons why sharing this good news is so important: It shows how special Christianity is, it highlights the unique role of Jesus, and it reflects the individual journey of each Christian.

1. Sharing the good news highlights the specialness of Christianity

What makes Christianity unique from other religions is that it is based on real events that happened in history. Christianity is all about Jesus – his birth, his death, and his return to life. These events changed everything. They’re not just stories or rules to live by, but they’re real, life-changing moments. Without these events, Christianity wouldn’t be the same.

2. Sharing the good news spotlights the unique role of Jesus

Christians believe that only Jesus can save us from our wrongdoings. This doesn’t mean other religions don’t have good teachings. They teach important things like kindness, selflessness, and justice. But only Christianity talks about a savior, Jesus, who pays the price for all the bad things we’ve done. This is why Christians believe that we can’t reach God just by being good people. We need Jesus.

3. Sharing the good news reflects each Christian’s personal journey

When Peter and John said, “We can’t help but talk about what we’ve seen and heard,” they were expressing how knowing Jesus changes us. It makes us want to share his love with others. They boldly shared that we’re not saved by what we do, but by what Jesus has done for us. This belief gave them the courage to share Jesus’s message with others. They weren’t trying to save people through their own efforts, but through the power of Jesus’s name.



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