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The Freedom of True Love

Tim Keller |  September 21, 2003

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  • Sexuality
Jeremiah 2:31-36; 3:12-16
RS 171-03

Jeremiah 2:31–36; 3:12–16

Jeremiah lived in a time much like ours, where people were confused about what matters in life and what’s right or wrong. This confusion often shows itself in how we view relationships and sexuality. Jeremiah’s teachings help us see that these things can either distract us from the truth or point us back to God. He shows us God’s love, our own failings, and the way back to a restored relationship with God.

1. An amazing offer: the best Love

God often shows His love for us by comparing it to a marriage. This comparison helps us understand how important we are to Him. But if we look for happiness only in romantic relationships, we can end up disappointed. True happiness comes when we understand that God wants an intimate relationship with us.

2. The issue with the offer: unfaithful hearts

Jeremiah points out our tendency to put other things before God, like idols. This leads us to depend on these things for happiness, which can result in harm and loss of our true selves. The only way out of this is through God, who loves us and will never harm us.

3. The solution: a restored love

Marriage is a reflection of the relationship God wants with us. It’s not about being in control, but about vulnerability and mutual care. Jesus, like the perfect husband, took on the punishment we deserved, breaking down the wall between us and God. We often wish for perfection on our wedding day, but God loves us as we are, and makes us beautiful in His sight. This teaches us to find comfort in God’s love and the freedom of being fully known and loved.



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