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The Freedom of Truth – 2 (9th)

Tim Keller |  June 26, 1994

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  • The Ten Commandments
James 3:1-12
RS 48-16

James 3:1–12

The ninth commandment, “Don’t lie about others,” tells us how powerful words are. Unlike other commandments, it focuses on the power of our words. James 3:1-12 talks more about words, how we can misuse them, and how they can help heal. It shows how words affect us and those around us.

1. The importance of words

Words are powerful, especially for those who teach or speak to others. The Ten Commandments help us treat others properly, respecting them as people. Misusing words, like lying or saying hurtful things, can harm both the person speaking and the one listening. This is why we need to be careful with what we say. Our words shape who we are and leave a lasting mark.

2. Misusing words

The Bible tells us to speak truth with love, something God showed us through Jesus’s sacrifice. It warns against all forms of dishonesty, including lies, sugarcoating the truth, and exaggerating, which can hurt people and society. Being honest, keeping promises, and sticking to our word are all important ways we show our humanity.

3. Healing through words

Breaking a promise or lying is only okay in specific situations, like when someone’s life is in danger or when a promise leads to harm. Truth isn’t just a thought, it’s based on what God knows, and as Christians, we value truth because our God never lies. To speak truthfully, we need to recognize when we’re being dishonest and look to God’s love for us, which can help us use our words for good.



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