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The Future Disciple

Tim Keller |  November 20, 2016

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John 13:33-38
RS 371-04


The Future Disciple – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

The narrative in John 13 presents Peter’s impending denial of Jesus, an event that unfolds in three stages: the prophecy, the denial, and the eventual restoration. The central theme here is navigating through failure and emerging stronger. By examining the causes of Peter’s failure, one can gain insights on how to manage personal shortcomings.

1. The reasons for failure

Peter’s denial of Jesus three times stems from his overconfidence and lack of integrity, underscoring the crucial role of prayer and preparedness. The contrast between a true Christian identity rooted in Christ’s love and false identities based on performance and self-regard is explored. An identity grounded in Christ’s love, rather than achievements or external factors, fosters serene dialogue and comprehension, while preventing insecurity and lack of self-awareness.

2. How Jesus heals Peter

Peter’s downfall stems from his overconfidence and mistaken self-perception. Healing begins with repentance, recognizing our own limitations and the necessity for external aid. It’s crucial to embrace Christ’s love, allowing our pain to draw us closer to Him, and grasp that self-salvation is both burdensome and futile.

3. What Peter became

Peter’s denial of Jesus, followed by his repentance, exemplifies how perceived failure can actually enhance leadership within the church. Christianity uniquely posits that salvation is achieved through weakness, repentance, and reliance on Jesus Christ, rather than strength or good deeds. This suggests that our identity should be rooted in God’s love, not our own accomplishments, and that failure can deepen our reliance on Christ, accentuating a stronger Christian identity and leadership potential.



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