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The Gift of the Spirit

Tim Keller |  May 19, 1991

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  • God the Father
  • Sanctification
  • The Holy Spirit
John 7:37-44
RS 11-30

John 7:37–44

During a festival, Jesus invites anyone who is thirsty to come to him. He promises that those who believe in him will have streams of living water – which represents the Holy Spirit – flowing from them. He presents himself as the true source of everything we need, emphasizing a unique feature of Christianity – the direct experience of God’s Spirit. This is something that simply being a good person can’t replace. He highlights how important this divine gift is, encouraging us to think about how we receive it and how it changes our lives.

1. How is the gift prepared?

The connection between the Holy Spirit and God’s presence is examined, with biblical characters like Gideon, Samson, and David experiencing this divine presence. The idea that Jesus offers an even greater gift of the Spirit is explored, along with the barriers between us and God’s presence, and the desire to enter the most sacred place of God’s temple. The passage ends with the idea that Jesus represents God’s glory, took the punishment for our sins, and that the Spirit is received as a gift through faith, not by doing good deeds.

2. How is the gift received?

Being saved is a gift that requires a deep longing and belief to receive. The Bible often uses the metaphor of thirst to represent the healing and restoration found in God’s city. Entry is not achieved by being moral or religious, but by admitting our faults and showing a sincere desire for God. The main difference between a moral person and a thirsty person is that the thirsty person recognizes their own emptiness and their need for something more.

3. How does the gift work itself out in our lives?

The Spirit is a gift like water, giving life and changing abstract ideas into real signs of God’s love and wisdom. Its main role is to make Christ clearer to us, making God’s love a real experience that goes beyond rejection and the need for approval. It also cleanses us by revealing our pride, selfishness, and dishonesty. As we build a personal relationship with Jesus, we become channels of the Spirit, serving as sources of spiritual food for others.



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