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The Glory of the Triune God

Tim Keller |  June 19, 2011

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  • Glorification
  • Doctrine
John 17:1-6, 20-26
RS 330-07


The doctrine of the trinity is that God is one being who eternally exists in three persons— Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In this passage of Jesus’s “high priestly prayer”— his prayer for his disciples the night before he died— Jesus gives us insights into the inner life of the Trinity. In this sermon, we will see how the doctrine of the Trinity helps us understand true glory. There are three deep things about God that we learn from the passage: 1) The ancient love; 2) The ultimate hour; 3) The welcoming glory.

John 17:1–6, 20–26

The Trinity is a Christian teaching that describes God as three persons in one: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus’ prayer in John 17 gives us a special look into the connection between the Father and the Son, both here on earth and before the world was made. In the sermon, “The Glory of the Triune God,” we’ll talk about what this teaching means for understanding true glory. We’ll focus on three main ideas: the ancient love, the ultimate hour, and the welcoming glory.

1. The ancient love

The Trinity is all about a never-ending exchange of glory, love, and joy. This unique Christian idea shows us a God who is always filled with happiness. God created the world and saved humanity as ways to share His love and glory. True joy and the ultimate goal of life are found in celebrating God, enjoying His heavenly glory, and making Him the center of our lives.

2. The ultimate hour

In the book of John, the word “hour” is very important. It refers specifically to Jesus’ death on the cross, which is a detail that is often missed. Jesus’ crucifixion not only shows Jesus giving up worldly glory, but also represents the greatest glory in the middle of shame. It shows the selflessness of God. To fully understand what Jesus did for us, we need to understand the Trinity. This challenges our culture’s focus on self-importance and highlights the importance of helping others. It warns us not to only think about ourselves because this can lead to problems now and in the life to come.

3. The welcoming glory

Jesus’ prayer in John 17 isn’t just for his followers at the time, but for all who trust in God through Jesus. This trust lets us experience the eternal love and joy of the Trinity, satisfying our deep need for connection and glory. It also encourages unity and love among all believers, with the promise of experiencing God’s glory.



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