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The Gospel, the Church and the World

Tim Keller |  November 20, 2005

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • Understanding the Gospel
1 Peter 2:4-12, 21-25
RS 187-11

1 Peter 2:4–12, 21–25

Believers are compared to bricks that are alive, making up a spiritual home and holy group of priests, giving spiritual gifts through Jesus Christ. God has chosen us, moved us from darkness into light, and we are now His people, recipients of His mercy. We’re encouraged to live good lives, stay away from doing wrong, and follow Christ’s example, who suffered for us and by whose wounds we are healed.

1. What the church is

As living bricks, we become a spiritual home or a temple of the Holy Spirit when we accept Jesus, showing how much we need each other. This community relationship is where God’s presence stays, and it’s through this that we experience the power of the Holy Spirit and the reality of God. To really know God, we need a tight-knit community, as beautifully shown by C.S. Lewis in “The Four Loves,” and this means taking a hard look at our relationships both inside and outside the church community.

2. The church and the world around it should be different but connected

Religions often interact with culture either as separate groups or as inclusive communities, both trying to influence, often by agreeing with popular values. Early Christians made themselves different with unique practices like staying away from violent sports, giving women more power, accepting diversity, and believing Jesus is the only way to salvation, thus becoming “resident aliens” deeply rooted in their faith. Even though they were seen as outsiders, they are encouraged to keep their values while helping their communities, dealing with both criticism and praise, and being “unalienated aliens” through love and service.

3. How to get the power

To truly be the church, one must align with Jesus Christ, the living Brick and Cornerstone, realizing the need for a strong spiritual base beyond what we achieve or who we know. Accepting Jesus as the chosen cornerstone not only prevents shame and instability, but also creates a deep personal belief that goes beyond just understanding. This connection with Jesus leads to God’s acceptance and affirmation, allowing people to extend love and affirmation to others, and highlights the importance of living a life that reflects the gospel, rather than just sticking to religious rules.



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