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The Gospel

Tim Keller |  September 25, 2005

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  • Understanding the Gospel
Isaiah 53:4-11; 54:1-5,11-14
RS 187-03

Isaiah 53:4–11; 54:1–5, 11–14

Isaiah paints a picture of a servant who suffers and carries our wrongs but stays faithful. He also shows us God as our rescuer and loving guide, promising to make things right and bless us. The good news about Jesus changes our hearts, cleanses us from our wrongs, and turns our perspectives upside down. This helps us to change ourselves, build community, fight for justice, and renew our culture.

1. Changing your heart

The Bible tells us about the olden times when having lots of children was very important. It decided how important and wealthy a family was. This made families and having kids into a sort of idol, and women who couldn’t have kids were looked down on. But God offers freedom from these old ways. He invites us to find our worth in Him. By being united with Jesus, we find true freedom and a special place in society.

2. Cleansing your wrongs

The Bible predicts a Messiah who will die a violent death, which is not what people expected. It’s tough to figure out who this servant in the Bible is. But there’s a story in the Bible about a man from Ethiopia reading Isaiah’s writings. This story emphasizes the life-changing power of Jesus’ sacrifice. It reminds us that God’s grace is costly because He is infinitely holy and loving. To truly change, we must believe in a God who is both holy and loving.

3. Turning your perspectives upside down

Understanding God’s holiness and love, and the price of cleansing our wrongs, leads to a change of heart and a shift in our values. The good news about Jesus allows us to join God in renewing the world, as seen in Isaiah 54 and Revelation. It flips worldly values upside down and frees us from being tied to material things and social status. As a changed community, we should live out these new values, showing equality, generosity, and a dedication to building God’s kingdom, showing the power of the good news.



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