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The Issue of Money

Tim Keller |  November 12, 2006

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
  • Salvation
  • Understanding the Gospel
Luke 19:1-10
IS 193

Luke 19:1–10

This sermon talks about how meeting Jesus can completely change a person’s life. We see this through the story of Zacchaeus, a rich man who collected taxes. Despite being short and frowned upon by others, Zacchaeus was determined to see Jesus. His encounter with Jesus led to a huge change in him, making him give lots of his money to the poor and fix the mistakes he’d made. This story shows us how a meeting with Jesus can truly change someone’s life.

1. Meeting Jesus can start with just being curious and open-minded

Zacchaeus was just curious about who Jesus was. This shows us that we don’t have to be in a really bad place in our lives to want to know God. In fact, sometimes being in a rough spot can make us more focused on getting help than on really understanding Jesus. Being open-minded, like Zacchaeus, lets us truly explore our faith, without waiting for things to go wrong.

2. Meeting Jesus means not caring about what other people think of you

Zacchaeus, despite being hated by his people for his job, didn’t care about what others thought when he wanted to meet Jesus. Today, a lot of people are afraid to have a relationship with Jesus because they worry about what others will say. It’s important to understand the message of grace and not use the word “sinner” in a way that pushes people away. We shouldn’t let anyone else’s opinion stop us from getting to know Jesus.

3. Meeting God happens when you understand the difference between grace and religion

When Jesus told Zacchaeus “I am salvation”, it was a big change from other religions. It tells us that we don’t earn salvation, but it’s given to us because of what Jesus did. This idea that you’re accepted before you change anything about yourself is really powerful and can change lives, like it did for Martin Luther and John Bunyan. Realizing this truth brings joy and sparks real change.

4. Meeting God changes how you think and act about money and stuff

After meeting Jesus, Zacchaeus was ready to give lots of his money to the poor and pay back anyone he’d cheated. This was even more than what the laws back then required. This change in how he saw his money, from something he had to give up to something he wanted to share, shows how powerful Jesus’ message is. Jesus’ sacrifice asks us to share our love with others, inspiring us to use what we have to bring happiness to the world.



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