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The Lepers Are Cleansed

Tim Keller |  October 10, 1999

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
2 Kings 5:1-19
RS 107-2

2 Kings 5:1–19

In 2 Kings 5, Naaman’s story tells us about how meeting God can change us completely, like how he was healed from leprosy. This story gives us clues about how we can approach God and know we’ve truly met Him.

1. How we come

Naaman’s journey to God was influenced by his friends and personal issues. A slave girl and his wife helped him find healing, showing us that friends who love God can help us get closer to Him. His leprosy and the struggles he couldn’t fix pushed him to look for God, teaching us that being humble, open, and willing to learn from others can help us deepen our relationship with God.

2. How we meet God

God isn’t just there for the successful; He’s also there for those who are hurting or feeling like failures. Naaman’s story tells us that when we let go and let God lead, we can experience His love and grace. It also shows the importance of forgiving others and obeying God. Jesus Christ, who suffered for us, shows us these values and helps us change other people’s lives for the better.

3. How we know we’ve come

After meeting God, Naaman changes his thinking and sees that the God of Israel is the only real God. This shows us that meeting God can reshape our beliefs. Naaman also starts to be very generous, showing how the gospel can change our views about money. Also, he tries to live out his faith in every part of his life, even at work. This encourages us to keep learning, to be generous, and to stay committed to our faith.



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