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The Lord of Salvation

Tim Keller |  September 15, 2002

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Exodus 3:1-15
RS 154-02

Exodus 3:1–15

Moses’ meeting with God in Exodus, where he sees a bush on fire but not being burnt, is a turning point in his faith. It’s not just about believing anymore, it’s about experiencing God in a real, spiritual way. This story makes us think about what it means to truly meet God. The burning bush, the fire, the Angel, and God’s mission for Moses all give us clues about this.

1. How does a person actually meet God?

Moses’ story shows us that we can meet God in the most unexpected places and times. Sometimes, it’s the bumps in life’s road that lead us to deep spiritual experiences. When we face tough times, it can push us to think deeply and grow spiritually. We need to be open to these experiences, even if they shake up our understanding of God. They might come from feeling empty or dissatisfied, or even from our studies or everyday life.

2. What is this experience of God like?

The Bible often uses fire as a symbol for God’s powerful presence and energy. Philosopher Blaise Pascal described meeting God as “FIRE.” This idea highlights how God’s presence is constant and unchanging, like when He tells Moses His name is “I Am who I Am.” The way the Bible shows God challenges our usual ideas. It presents a God who asks a lot of us but also accepts us, a God who is full of holy love, and whose real presence we can feel in our hearts.

3. Why can we experience God?

The story of Moses and the burning bush shows a strange truth: we can experience God’s holy presence without being destroyed. The Angel of the Lord, who is also called the eternal “I Am,” makes this possible. This title is also used by Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate link between God and people. This shows us a God who is holy and loving. This God, who pays a great personal price to forgive our sins, invites us into a life-changing, close relationship.

4. How do you know you’ve met God?

When we truly meet God through Jesus Christ, it changes us. Like Abraham, Isaiah, and Moses, we’re called to bless others. We become like the burning bush, glowing with God’s glory and holiness, both fascinating and mysterious. God’s love and holiness, shown in Jesus’ sacrifice, change us so we can be both brave and humble. If we’re not shining with God’s light, we need to seek a deeper relationship with Him.



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