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The Lord of the Sabbath

Tim Keller |Β  February 19, 2006

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  • Rest & Sabbath
Mark 2:23-3:6
RS 190-07


In this passage from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus claims that he’s here not to reform religion, but to absolutely end religion and replace it with himself. This sermon will show us two things: the futility of religion and, on the other hand, the finality of Jesus Christ.

Mark 2:23–3:6

In the book of Mark, Jesus makes a powerful statement to the religious leaders: He’s not here to fix religion, but to replace it with Himself. Two events involving the Sabbath show how limited religion is and how much greater Jesus Christ is. Jesus explains that the Sabbath was made for people, not the other way around. This shows His power as the Son of Man and the Lord of the Sabbath.

1. The limit of religion

The difference between religion and the gospel is shown through the purpose of the Sabbath and the contrasting views of religious leaders and Jesus. Religion often focuses on following rules and being good to earn God’s approval while the gospel says that approval comes through Jesus Christ. This leads to humility and love for others. The wrong idea that being good or finding yourself can save you is corrected. Instead, the need for humility and constantly remembering the gospel is emphasized. Doubters are also encouraged to explore Christianity more.

2. The importance of Christ

Jesus, as the Lord of the Sabbath, says that rest is for everyone, not just certain people. He challenges the strict rules about the Sabbath. He shows Himself as the special, divine Son of God, offering a new way to understand rest and satisfaction. Christianity, then, is not a religion but a relationship with Jesus, the ultimate Priest and Go-between. He brings rest and kindness to those who know Him. True rest comes from accepting His completed work.



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