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The Lord Praying for Glory

Tim Keller |  August 15, 1999

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  • Glorification
  • Prayer & Meditation
John 17:1-5, 24
RS 105-10

John 17:1–5, 24

Many people think that as technology gets better, our need for God decreases. But the truth is, as society advances, our desire for a spiritual connection grows even stronger. Jesus’ teachings about prayer, especially in John 17, can help us connect with God in a deeper way. Let’s look at why we should pray, what we should pray for, and how we can pray effectively.

1. Why to pray

When Jesus prayed, He wasn’t trying to change God’s mind about something. Instead, He was trying to align His heart with God’s, to get closer to Him, and to seek His glory. Revelation 3:20 shows us that Jesus wants a deep, personal relationship with us, and prayer is one way to open the door to that relationship. Prayer shouldn’t be something we do only when we feel like it. It should be a regular part of our lives, helping us understand God better, feel safe in His care, and realize His greatness.

2. What to pray for

Prayer is more than just asking God for things. It’s about experiencing God’s glory and being transformed by it. When Paul prayed for the Christians in Ephesus, he prayed that they would understand God better and have a fuller experience of Him. Throughout history, people have prayed for a deeper understanding of God’s glory, showing us that we should focus our prayers more on spiritual change than on physical needs.

3. How to pray for it

Want to understand and experience God’s glory? Don’t just think about it. Instead, focus on how it’s shown in God’s plan to save us and in Jesus’ life. When we realize how much Jesus sacrificed for us, we see God’s glory in a powerful way that can change our lives. After all, being a Christian isn’t about trying to be a better person on our own. It’s about being transformed by God’s glory. That’s why we need to keep seeking God’s glory in prayer, opening our hearts to His love and mercy.




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