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The Lord Praying for Holiness

Tim Keller |  August 22, 1999

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  • Sanctification
John 17:6-19
RS 105-11

John 17:6–19

In John 17, Jesus prays for something special for his disciples and all believers: holiness. Nowadays, not everyone likes to talk about being holy, but it’s actually super important. This prayer is all about showing us that becoming holy can completely change our lives.

1. Why is it so important?

Jesus shows us that being holy is both our goal and what drives us forward in life. This is a big part of his final prayer for his friends. If we want a real relationship with Jesus, we’ve got to commit to becoming holy. This doesn’t mean being all serious and strict, but rather becoming more like God in our character.

2. What is it?

Being holy isn’t just about following rules. It means being completely focused on a goal, and getting rid of anything that stands in the way, just like Jesus did when he was trying to save us. To really obey God, we have to let go of what we want and be totally committed. We should aim to be brave and calm like Jesus. Being holy is like being in a peaceful, happy state where we recognize God as our savior, come together as one, and find true freedom in Him. It also means standing out by being selfless, promoting racial unity, having strong families, being generous, and handling money wisely.

3. How does it ignite?

Being holy doesn’t come from just trying really hard. It’s a combination of truth and grace, which is often compared to fire in the Bible. Truth shows us what being holy looks like, but by itself, it can feel like too much. The spark that lights the fire of holiness happens when we understand the truth about our purpose and the grace in Jesus’s sacrifice. This understanding helps us to fully commit to Jesus, recognizing that he’s fully committed to us.



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