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The Lord We Can Know

Tim Keller |  March 13, 2005

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  • Justification
Hebrews 8:1-2; 7-13
RS 181-06

Hebrews 8:1–2, 7–13

Jesus Christ didn’t come to start a new religion, but to put an end to religion altogether. Hebrews explains that Jesus works in God’s heavenly temple, not one built by human hands, and brings a new agreement to replace the old one that was broken because of human disobedience. This new agreement represents a move from religion to a life-changing relationship with God, marked by having God’s laws in our hearts, the forgiveness of sins, and the old agreement becoming outdated.

1. Jesus came to end all religion

Jesus’s special role as a priest is highlighted, focusing on his dual position as a co-ruler and a seated servant. The idea of religion is explored, acknowledging that everyone knows there’s a gap between us and the ultimate truth, which needs to be bridged. The growth of religion, especially in academic circles, is talked about, presenting Christianity as a unique answer, with Jesus as the ultimate truth and the bridge between God and people.



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