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The Meaning of His Death

Tim Keller |  January 14, 2007

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  • Atonement
  • Salvation
  • Understanding the Gospel
Mark 10:32-45
RS 191-13


It’s very clear what Jesus Christ came to do. He came to die. That sets him apart from the founders of every other major religion. They came to live and be an example. He came to die.

Most of the people in the world fall into one of two categories with regard to the cross of Jesus. Many people struggle too much with the cross, because they find it offensive and nonsensical. Many other people struggle too little with the cross. They think they believe it, but it’s not changing their life at all.

Mark 10 speaks to both groups. There are two things it shows us: 1) why Jesus came to die, and 2) how that should change us from the inside out.

Mark 10:32–45

The idea of the cross is presented as a trade-off, a sacrifice, emphasizing the importance of being humble and putting others before oneself. The true measure of greatness comes from helping others, as shown by Jesus who traded his life for the good of many. This concept of love that asks for nothing in return is shown using examples from parenting and the Harry Potter series, asking us to better understand the cross and how it changes our lives.



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