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The Mighty Men

Tim Keller |  June 23, 1996

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2 Samuel 23:13-17
RS 271-07

2 Samuel 23:13–17

The tale of three brave men fetching water for King David in 2 Samuel 23:13-17 is more than a simple story. It’s a window into deeper truths, just like every Bible story. Each one hints at Jesus and the saving work He did. This story also touches on feelings like jealousy and anger, seen in the strained relationship between King Saul and David, giving us lessons for our own lives.

1. Anything you think you earned is really a gift of God

Everything we have or achieve, no matter how hard we’ve worked for it, is actually a gift from God. We didn’t do it on our own strength or talent. Today’s world often makes us feel we deserve what we get, but we should instead be humbly thankful for these blessings as gifts from God, not prizes we’ve won. No matter our wealth, we should be humble and generous, knowing everything we have comes from God.

2. Christian leaders have to point their people to God and not exploit them for their own profit

When David poured out the water his men risked their lives for, it showed his humility and belief in God’s greatness. This is a lesson for all in the church. We need to serve for God’s glory, not ours, and focus on the gospel and God Himself. Christian leaders should be humble, pass any praise they get on to God, and make sure they don’t take advantage of their people.

3. Their king’s wish was their command

In Christianity, loving God means going after His heart and desires, motivated by His love and joy, not rules or self-interest. Jesus’ sacrifice shows us this personal, deep connection with God. Knowing about Jesus’ power and the sacrifice He made for us helps us live with joy, courage, and generosity, dedicating our lives to serving God.

4. David was in a cave when this word of grace came to him

God often works in ways we don’t expect, like when David faced hard times before God’s promises came true. But when we surrender to Jesus Christ, we find comfort in His presence and the fact that He doesn’t condemn us, even in our weakest moments. Our struggles might be God’s unique way to answer prayers and keep His promises. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we know God is always with us and calls us to serve Him with unwavering dedication.



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