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The New Self

Tim Keller |  December 2, 1990

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  • The Holy Spirit
  • Christian Living and Obedience
  • Understanding the Gospel
John 3:1-15
RS 11-10

John 3:1–15

Being “born again” is more than just a feeling. It’s a deep, personal change that happens inside a person. This kind of change is a big deal in Christianity and can help make both individuals and communities better.

1. Jesus explains why we need to be born again

Even though Nicodemus was a well-respected Pharisee, Jesus told him that he needed to be “born again” spiritually. This shows us that being born again is a key part of being a Christian, no matter who you are or what you’ve done. The good news is that anyone can start fresh and become part of God’s family through this spiritual rebirth.

2. What does Jesus mean by being born again?

Jesus tells Nicodemus that entering God’s kingdom requires a big change, like being born again, not just trying to act better. This isn’t about just going to church or reading the Bible. It’s about changing your whole view of life and what’s important, putting God first, and seeing everything as part of God’s plan.

3. How can you tell if you’ve been born again?

Even though we can’t see God’s Spirit, you can tell it’s working in someone’s life because they start to act differently, and bad habits start to disappear. Born-again Christians aren’t just religious – they want to obey God in every part of their life. Being born again means believing in Jesus Christ and what He did for us, and letting God’s Spirit grow and work in us every day.



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