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The Parable of the Pearl: On Priorities

Tim Keller |  August 28, 1994

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  • Repentance
Matthew 13:44-46
RS 49-10


Becoming a Christian is not a change of degree but a change in kind. It is leaving your native home and entering the Kingdom of God. But entering the Kingdom of God means being willing to sacrifice everything that goes against your new King. In other words, the Kingdom of God will cost you everything you have. But is it expensive? Not at all. It’s a bargain.

Matthew 13:44–46

Jesus’ stories teach us three important spiritual lessons: the ability to see value and beauty where others don’t, the need for total dedication to claim this value, and the massive rewards that make any sacrifice worth it. This total dedication isn’t to earn heaven, but to accept it. Ultimately, it’s because of God’s kindness and Jesus’ sacrifice that we get to enter heaven.

1. Let go of your small dreams

The good news of Jesus makes us realize our dreams are too small, that we need complete rescue, not just a little help. It tells us to let go of our small dreams and give ourselves over to the King of heaven, promising a change beyond what we can imagine. This radical message asks for our all, but in return offers us unimaginable beauty and riches.

2. Being a Christian means a total change

Being a Christian means moving from being your own boss to letting God be in charge, which can be hard for people today who like to keep things vague. Accepting authority means we sometimes have to agree with things we might not like, letting the Bible guide our experiences and thoughts. It’s not just about following rules or beliefs, but about letting God change us and our communities from inside out.

3. To make that change, you have to give up everything

To enter God’s kingdom, we have to put Jesus first, knowing that we’re accepted not because of what we’ve done, but because of what Christ did. This might mean giving up things we value, like our reputation, money, or even our desires. We must obey God without conditions, letting go of any control we think we have.

4. What you get in return is unimaginably beautiful

Being a Christian should be a joyful journey, keeping our eyes on the future rewards rather than current troubles, and valuing Christ above anything the world can offer. Real change comes from realizing we haven’t loved Jesus as we should. Understanding what we’re giving up and looking forward to what we’ll gain is a key part of faith.



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