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The Problem of Anxiety

Tim Keller |  October 24, 1993

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  • Anxiety
Psalm 27
RS 45-07

Understanding Psalm 27

Psalms, even though it’s an old book, has answers for the worries and fears we face today. Psalm 27 especially talks about the fear and panic we often feel and encourages us to face our biggest fears. The secret to overcoming these fears is discussed in verse 4, which talks about living in, looking at, and seeking the Lord. This approach gives us courage to tackle life’s hardships.

1. Living in God’s Presence

In Psalm 27, living in God’s house means feeling God’s constant presence and wanting more of it. It’s not about being in a certain place. A fearless life comes from wanting God more than anything else, putting His desires first, and knowing that anything besides God can bring fear and worry. To make God the center of our life and live without fear, we need to appreciate His beauty, ask to see His face, and learn His ways.

2. Looking at God’s Beauty

Experiencing God’s beauty is more than just knowing about Him. It’s about diving deep into His goodness and love. Saint Augustine talked about this process. It involves remembering what the Bible says, thinking about how it changes our understanding of God and our life, and finding peace and truth in His goodness and love. To make God the main thing in our life, we need to intentionally look at His beauty. This allows us to live in His presence and live without fear.

3. Seeking God

Growing spiritually means seeking God’s will and obeying Him, which lets us experience His divine beauty. Reading the Bible, praying, and living a humble, forgiving life can help us see God’s beauty, especially when we see it through the lens of Jesus. In the midst of our worries, focusing on God’s beauty and seeking His presence brings comfort. It encourages us to make this pursuit our top priority.



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