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The Promise of David

Tim Keller |  December 14, 2003

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  • Hope
  • Understanding the Gospel
  • Jesus' Birth
2 Samuel 7:4-19; 25-27
RS 172-02

2 Samuel 7:4–19; 25–27

The story of King David is essential for grasping why Jesus’ birth is so significant, especially when we look at David’s desire to build a temple and God’s incredible response of kindness and blessings. This story highlights God’s faithful love for people, even when they mess up, and His promise of a never-ending kingdom. This promise is fulfilled through Jesus, who brings hope, fresh beginnings, and the concept of grace. To truly live for God, it’s not about following religious rules, but about serving Him without condition and trusting that He’s in charge. The truth of Jesus as the everlasting King provides a deep sense of joy and purpose in life.



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