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The Reason for God (Open Forum)

Tim Keller |  March 2, 2008

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  • Objections to Christianity
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Open Forums are specifically designed for skeptics or those wrestling with the claims of Christianity. Each Open Forum included a brief concert by guest artists followed by a talk and open mic Q&A with Timothy Keller. This audio recording includes the talk only.

1. Why should we care about the reason for God?

In a world where faith isn’t always popular, it’s important to grasp why people still believe in God and miracles, even in highly developed societies. Understanding and respecting different faiths is key to building a peaceful diverse society, especially since some people today write negatively about religious faith. It’s not just about people of faith being able to explain their beliefs, but it’s also about helping those who are wrestling with faith to understand why people believe in God.

2. How does believing in God actually happen?

Believing or not believing in God is influenced by how we think about things, our personal experiences, and the cultural environment we live in. All these elements play a big role in shaping what we believe in. It’s essential to remember that our faith isn’t just based on one thing—it’s a mix of logical thinking, personal experiences, and societal influences.

3. So, what are the actual reasons for God?

Some people argue that not believing in God requires just as much faith as believing in Him. They also suggest that the presence of evil in the world doesn’t disprove God’s existence—it might be something we just don’t fully understand. They point out that both believers and nonbelievers can justify violence, which indicates it’s more of a human problem than a faith problem. Also, without God, concepts like love and human rights become just products of our genes. Human rights cannot be explained without a higher power, and they can’t come from nature or laws—they must be recognized as already existing. Lastly, while logic can lead us to consider the possibility of God, full certainty requires a personal commitment. This highlights the role of faith in Christianity and the beauty of a God who shows Himself to those who believe in Him.

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