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The Righteousness of God

Tim Keller |  November 15, 1992

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  • The Bible
Psalm 19:1-14
RS 37-10

Psalm 19:1–14

Psalm 19 teaches us that we can learn about God through both the beauty of nature and His holy laws. Nature shows us the greatness of God, but it’s His laws – perfect and reliable – that truly refresh our spirits and help us grow in our faith. When we embrace God’s laws, which echo His righteousness, wisdom, and love, we become carriers of these godly traits, instead of fading away like old mountains.

1. God’s law is our moral guide

God’s laws work like a moral GPS, helping us decide what’s right and wrong. The failure of societies without a godly moral foundation, like communist ones, shows what happens when we ignore this divine guide. Even though our world often seems to lack faith and strong moral values, there’s hope. More young people are interested in religion, showing we need moral rules and God’s laws to really live and build a healthy society.

2. God’s law is full of wisdom

God’s laws are not random, but are filled with His wisdom. Modern ideas about morality, that say we should just follow our desires as long as we don’t hurt others, are flawed because they have no outside standard for right and wrong. God, as our Creator, has the wisdom and authority to give us His laws, and going against them is really only hurting ourselves.

3. God’s law shows His love for us

God’s laws might seem tough and even scary, but different people see them differently. People who ignore morals, people who try to be moral, and Christians all view them in their own way. Christians understand that following the laws can be hard. But they also know that Jesus lived a perfect life for us, and that following God’s laws can bring joy and change our lives. Being a Christian is about living a new life by accepting Jesus. Salvation isn’t just about following the laws, but about trusting in Jesus and his kindness.


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