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The Search for Pleasure

Tim Keller |  September 20, 1998

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  • Hope
  • God's Love
Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
RS 93-2

Ecclesiastes 2:1–11, 3:10–14

Ecclesiastes is a book that talks about how difficult it is for people when they’re dealing with doubt, feeling hurt, or trying to find happiness in things or money, only to realize that these pursuits don’t hold real value or meaning. The text underlines the lasting importance of what God is doing and implies that joy, even though it can be tricky, can help us understand more about God. Ecclesiastes also wrestles with some of life’s toughest, unanswered questions, the search for self-value through enjoyment, and the hollow feeling that comes when we try to find happiness just for ourselves. In the end, it points us to the deep, satisfying desire we can find when we see God’s beauty through Jesus Christ.



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