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The Search for Substance

Tim Keller |  September 19, 1993

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Psalm 1
RS 45-02

A Look at Psalm 1

When we think about roots, we see two sides: they provide strength and safety, but they can also hold us back. People are now seeking a different type of freedom, one without religious ties, but this creates a society without roots, marked by shallow relationships and a lack of commitment. The Bible can help us understand and balance these issues.

1. Understanding the Problem of Lack of Roots

Imagine a life that’s like chaff, the lightweight husks of grain. This represents a life that lacks depth, without strong beliefs or commitments. Ignoring God can lead to mental unsteadiness, showing us how important it is to include God’s guidance in our thoughts, choices, and feelings. Without God, society’s beliefs crumble and a feeling of emptiness ensues, revealing a need for an answer to the widespread sense of lost identity and emptiness in our world.

2. The Answer to the Lack of Roots

If we want a life full of meaning, we need to connect with and commit to God’s truth. Following God’s commands shows us what reality really is and honors Him. It’s essential to stick to God’s rules and experience a spiritual rebirth through His Word in order to develop strong beliefs. By accepting Jesus as our Savior, we can bond with God, discover our true value, and put God first in our lives, which leads to enduring value and stability.



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