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The Shield of Faith (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  March 29, 1992

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  • Spiritual Warfare
Ephesians 6:14-18
RS 234-11

Ephesians 6:14–17

Picture the armor of God as all the ways the gospel helps us that we often forget to use. Remember, we’ll face hard times, but they’re not pointless. In fact, they help us learn to actively trust God more. As you try to live a better life and serve God, you might meet some resistance, but it’s all part of the journey of doing good in God’s name.

1. God allows Satan to throw fiery trials at us

Think of a Roman soldier’s shield. It was crucial for protection in battle, just like we need protection from life’s challenges. Sometimes, the Enemy may cause trouble and suffering. God lets this happen, not to hurt us, but to make us stronger and more beautiful in our faith, just like parents discipline their kids for their own good, even if the kids don’t understand why at first.

2. We should expect fiery trials, especially when we’re doing something good for God

When you’re really trying to serve God, that’s when problems often come up. This mirrors how the enemy likes to attack when we’re actively opposing him. Look at how Jesus faced trials after his baptism—it can help you understand your own struggles better. Realize that bad thoughts and temptations aren’t coming from you—they’re attacks from the outside. Remember to pray for God’s protection against these.

3. Faith isn’t a passive thing

Faith means shifting our attention from our problems to God, knowing He’s there even when we can’t see Him. Stories from the Bible, like those of Elisha and Joseph, teach us that faith is about accepting God’s power, wisdom, and love, even when things look really bad. Remember to pray for the ability to see God’s protection in your own life, just like Elisha and his servant saw the protective fiery chariots.



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