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The Spirit of God

Tim Keller |  September 17, 1995

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  • The Holy Spirit
Acts 2:1-13
RS 63-02

Acts 2:1–13

A group of ordinary, uneducated people surprisingly became the most powerful group in the Roman Empire in just two hundred years. They didn’t do this on their own strength but were powered by a special energy – the Spirit of God. This happened on Pentecost, a special day where they celebrated God’s gifts and his meeting with Moses. When we’re filled with the Spirit of God, we get a glimpse of the future, feel close to the Lord, and connect with people from all nations.

1. The presence of the future

The Spirit of God gives us a sneak peek into what heaven will be like, making us feel the ultimate reality. This divine power helps us overcome the hard times in our lives, but it’s just a taste of what’s to come. It’s important to be confident yet humble, knowing that we’re not perfect but also realizing the amazing grace of God that changes us.

2. The presence of the Lord

People today still look for experiences that go beyond the ordinary, showing that religion is far from becoming irrelevant. It’s a sign that we all long for meaning and moral guidance. When we’re filled with the Spirit of God, it’s more than just power or gifts; it’s a deeper understanding of God’s truth. The Spirit shows us the two sides of God’s nature – his love and his justice, making us understand why Jesus had to sacrifice himself and leading us to true fulfillment.

3. The presence of the nations

A real spiritual awakening, brought about by the Holy Spirit, is not just about talking of God’s wonders but also about transforming our relationships in this divided world. Knowing God’s love through Jesus Christ breaks down the walls of nationality and race, making the cross the most important part of our identity. This rebuilding of society, a glimpse of a future without the damage of sin, inspires us to seek God’s generous love and be filled with the Spirit. This enables us to share God’s wonders with ourselves and the world.



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