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The Still Small Voice

Tim Keller |  September 26, 1999

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  • The Bible
1 Kings 19:1-18
RS 106-3


The reality of God is far greater than our conceptions of God. In this passage, Elijah, persecuted and feeling hopeless, returns to the mountain where God appeared to Moses and hopes for a similar spectacular revelation of His glory. Yet God confounds and comforts Elijah by appearing as a still small voice. What we learn in this passage is that God shows Elijah who he is. God shows us who he is. Who is the true God? When God comes, he comes in these ways: 1) In tremendous wisdom; 2) In humbling multiplicity; 3) In a word of grace.

1 Kings 19:1–18

In the tale of Elijah’s meeting with God on Mount Horeb, we learn that finding God can sometimes be more about hearing His gentle whisper than seeing big, powerful miracles. This story shows us how important it is to look for God’s presence in the calm and quiet moments of life.

1. God’s wisdom is deep when He comes

Even after seeing God’s power, Elijah was still feeling down. But God knew what he needed. First, He took care of Elijah’s physical needs, then his spiritual ones. This shows us that God cares about every part of us – our bodies, our relationships, our feelings, our minds, and our spirits. It’s a reminder for us to think in the same holistic way when we’re helping others who are struggling.

2. God’s nature is complex when He comes

Trying to put God into a box based on our own understanding can lead to frustration. We see this when Elijah is tasked with anointing a king who doesn’t believe in God. The key to understanding God better is to embrace the message of the gospel, recognize our own shortcomings, and experience the love of Jesus. Building strong connections within our church community can also help us to grasp more of who God is.

3. God’s grace is evident when He comes

God speaks to Elijah in a soft whisper, showing us that His grace can be found in quiet, unexpected ways, not just in big miracles. Jesus taught us that the best way to know God is through the Bible, not just through what we see in nature or spiritual experiences. Jesus, who is often referred to as the Rock, went through life’s challenges, allowing us to have a personal relationship with God through His teachings. This encourages us to look for God’s work in every corner of our lives.


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