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The Story Beneath the Story

Tim Keller |  December 5, 1999

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  • Creation
John 1:9-18, 32-34
RS 108-05

John 1:14

When we examine the idea of “logos”, we uncover our deep human need for understanding life through stories and real-life experiences, not just vague ideas. In America today, there’s a lot of focus on individual success and fun, especially among young people. However, this often leaves us feeling unfulfilled. The story of Jesus, on the other hand, brings real purpose and transformation to our lives.

1. What is he saying?

Jesus Christ, the Word made human, is the heart of all stories. His birth, life, death, and resurrection aren’t just another tale. They’re the ultimate truth that all other stories point to. Realizing that Jesus is God in human form meets our deep need for meaningful stories, giving our lives true purpose and satisfaction, as well as the spiritual nourishment we crave.

2. How does that really affect the dilemma?

Old heroes and their stories might inspire us, but they don’t have the power to change us deeply, just like the movie “Angels with Dirty Faces” showed. However, we all long for a hero who sacrifices for us, a hero beyond heroes. This longing is met in Jesus Christ. He didn’t just serve as an example; he died for our sins, providing us complete acceptance from God.

3. How does that work out practically?

The good news is about God’s gift of a perfect record through Jesus Christ, not our own efforts to earn favor. Acknowledging Jesus as our hero allows us to aim for greatness, drawing inspiration from his selfless life and bravery. The power to change doesn’t come from vague principles or stories, but from the real actions of Jesus Christ for us.



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