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The True Disciple

Tim Keller |  November 13, 2016

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John 13:31-36
RS 371-03


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Sermon Summary

Jesus, in his final moments before arrest and crucifixion, prioritizes discussing the concept of glory, particularly its relation to the cross and true Christianity. The term ‘glory’ is mentioned five times in two verses, accentuating its importance. This stress on glory forms the crux of Jesus’ final teachings.

1. The glory of the cross

The crucifixion, while seemingly a moment of shame and agony, is actually the pinnacle of God’s glory. It is through this act of sacrifice that God’s wisdom, holiness, and love are most powerfully revealed. Recognizing the glory in this event can transform perspectives on suffering and deepen faith.

2. The mark of a real Christian

Jesus instructs us to love one another as He has loved us, a unique love that is marked by the glory of the cross. The authenticity of Jesus and the cross’s glory are reflected in the quality of our relationships within the church, serving as the ultimate testament to His reality. Our love for each other is the final defense of Jesus’s identity, compelling us to examine our relationships and aim to love as Jesus loved us.

3. How the two relate

The transformative power of Jesus Christ’s unconditional love redefines our identity, transcending factors like race, education, and social status. This newfound identity enables us to form profound connections with diverse believers, and this love influences all our relationships, serving as a testament to the world. Emulating Jesus’ selfless service, we are called to underscore the glory of the cross in our lives, praying for the ability to demonstrate the supernatural reality of our love.



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