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The True Story of Jesus

Tim Keller |  December 1, 2002

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  • Understanding the Gospel
Luke 1:1-4; 24:18-27
RS 155-01

Luke 1:1–4; 24:18–27

Looking into the trustworthiness of the stories about Jesus’ life is quite important. Particularly for those who are doubtful about Christianity, who might see these stories as only myths. But Luke, the writer, promises to tell the real story of Jesus to his readers, who are educated and cultured. This strong promise helps us understand Luke’s gospel and who Jesus really is.

1. The gospel is about Jesus

The real story of Jesus marks the climax of history, showing God’s actions over time. Jesus is a figure you can’t ignore and is welcoming to everyone. He makes claims about himself that seem self-focused but are proven to be true through his acts of kindness and moral beauty. God has given us a faultless person in Jesus to show His divine greatness, not an unbeatable argument.

2. The gospel is true

The gospel of Luke emphasizes the truth of Jesus’ story by focusing on the role of those who saw the events firsthand and the careful recording of their accounts. The story’s early date, challenging content, and detailed writing style— even including puzzling and seemingly small events— all argue against the idea of it being a simple myth. The truth of the gospel is key, contradicting the thought that its accuracy can change depending on the person.

3. The gospel is a story

Seeing the gospel as a story, not just a list of teachings, is key to understanding what Christianity is all about. We don’t receive salvation by following a set of rules, but through Jesus Christ’s actions. He’s the hero of the world’s story and the Bible’s narrative. The friendship of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis shows the power of ancient hero stories. They highlight that Jesus, as the greatest hero, can break curses, change beasts, and defeat evil, giving believers the courage to live bravely.



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