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The Unbreakable Word

Tim Keller |  September 1, 1991

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  • The Bible
John 10:32-42
RS 11-40

John 10:30–42

In John 10, Jesus is involved in a heated discussion with religious leaders. Despite the tension, Jesus shows deep respect for the Bible and its teachings, quoting from Psalm 82:6 to highlight its truthfulness and importance. He sets an example for all believers, encouraging us to value the Bible highly. The Bible is shown as constant and powerful, and it cannot be disproven or ignored.

1. It can’t be disproven

When Jesus says “the Scripture cannot be broken”, he is making clear that the Bible is entirely true. Using an argument from Psalm 82:6, Jesus defends his divine authority, which makes some people uncomfortable. The sermon warns us not to change our Christian beliefs to match popular ideas, cautions us about blindly following misleading leaders, and encourages us to think deeply and understand the Bible. This understanding will help us ask good questions and find our way in life.

2. It must be obeyed

The authority of the Bible demands that we not only believe it but also obey it – a principle that Jesus himself emphasized. True growth and happiness come from realizing that we are not the most important thing in the world and willingly following God’s rules, even when they make us uncomfortable. Sometimes we struggle to obey the Bible because we don’t fully trust its promises. But true freedom and salvation come from giving ourselves completely to Jesus and having total faith in His Word.


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