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The Unchanging God

Tim Keller |  January 23, 2011

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  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Bible
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Psalm 102:1-4; 18-28
RS 328-04


We’re looking at the characteristics— also known as the “attributes”— of God according to the Bible. Most of our problems stem from not knowing who God is or forgetting who he is at the moment.

One of God’s attributes is that he does not change— this can also be referred to as the immutability of God. We’ll explore this attribute in Psalm 102, looking at what it says about 1) What we are; 2) What we need; and 3) How we can get it.

Psalm 102:1–4, 18–28

Every week, as we discover more about God, we realize that many problems stem from not fully understanding or remembering who God is. This week, we’re looking at God’s immutability, which means He never changes and is always there, forever. To understand this better, we can look at a psalm that talks about us as humans, what we need, and gives us hints on how to get those needs met.

1. Who we are

The psalm talks about a man who is feeling very low, almost as if he’s depressed. This is because he realizes how short life is and how he is not permanent. His sadness shows us that nothing in our lives is permanent – not our bodies, not our relationships, not even our thoughts. It’s like living on quicksand that keeps moving under us without any solid ground.

2. What do we need?

The Bible gives us practical advice on how to deal with difficult situations. One such advice comes from a psalm where the man finds comfort in truths about God. These truths, like God’s never-changing nature and eternal being, help us find peace and strength during hard times. The psalm emphasizes God’s all-knowing nature and steadiness, showing us how His love, forgiveness, and understanding of our past are always there. It also reassures us about the Bible, showing a connection between the writers of the Bible and us through our never-changing God.

3. How we can get it

A story about a lumberjack and a mother bird shows us how important it is to base our lives on God’s consistent love. Unlike everything else in the world, God’s love is forever and never changes. Through Jesus’ selfless death, God showed us His unending love and justice. Therefore, it’s important to believe in this love that never changes and build our lives on the foundation of Jesus’ love and his sacrifice.



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