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The Upside Down Kingdom

Tim Keller |  March 21, 1999

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
Luke 6:17-26
RS 102-01


Jesus introduces a revolutionary kingdom in the Sermon on the Mount. He contrasts the pattern, power, and product of two kingdoms: the old one which we are currently under, and the new one which is to come. Jesus’ teaching goes against every natural instinct, and represents a reversal of the world’s values.

Luke 6:17–26

Living as a Christian means starting a whole new life, shown to us in Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. This message was groundbreaking. It changed everything from the old ways to a completely new way, with different rules, power, and outcomes. It’s important to see the difference between these two ways of living – the “normal way” and the “upside-down way” – to really understand what it means to be a Christian.

1. The normal way

The way of life Jesus taught is very different from what the world usually values – things like power, comfort, being successful, and being popular. These things might seem nice, but in the end, they leave you feeling empty. Jesus warned that this old way of life was on its way out, and that those who kept living for themselves would face problems. Instead, he showed a new way of life that values being weak, making sacrifices, and not always fitting in. This might not sound great, but it’s the way to real happiness.

2. The upside-down way

As Christians, we should try not to get caught up in wanting power, success, and popularity. Instead, we should embrace the strange truth of Christianity – that we can be blessed even when we’re sad. The strength to live bravely and honestly, even when things are tough, comes from Jesus. He took on all the pain and rejection that we deserve, turning everything upside down. Living in this ‘upside-down way’ means being generous, hanging out with people who are different from us, and realizing that any success we have is because of God’s kindness, not because we’re so great.



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