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The Wheat and the Weeds: On Reality

Tim Keller |  August 9, 1992

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  • Christian Living and Obedience
Matthew 13:24-30; 36-46
RS 33-2

Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43

The story of the wheat and the weeds talks about the importance of patience and faith in God’s big plan. It tells of two worlds, one good and one bad, and reminds us to be wise in choosing which one we belong to. The kingdom of God, compared to farming, shows us that change takes time but can make a big difference. It encourages Christians to make the world a better place and spread God’s kingdom, while understanding that it’s powerful, complete, and sure to happen.

1. Being a Christian means making Jesus your king

When Jesus said in John 3:3 that you need to be “born again” to be part of God’s kingdom, he meant a life-changing experience, not just seeking personal happiness or success. This rebirth means deciding to follow God’s plans as shown in the Bible, and living with a kingdom mindset. So, real Christianity is about obeying Jesus, not just trying to make ourselves better.

2. Patience is important

Being a Christian means finding a balance between being too intense and being too laid back, just like how a farmer patiently waits for crops to grow, and trusting in God’s perfect timing and plan. It’s important to tell the difference between true Christians and those just pretending, with real Christians becoming more like Christ, finding true satisfaction in God alone, and becoming more humble and joyful. Christianity is not about self-improvement, but about giving ourselves up to God’s plan, recognizing Jesus as our Savior and King.



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