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The Whirlwind of Jesus

Tim Keller |  January 9, 2000

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  • Salvation
  • Easter
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 20:16-23
RS 108-09

John 20:16–23

When we look at the Apostles’ Creed, we come across two big subjects: Jesus coming back to life, and Jesus going up to heaven. These are key parts of what Christians believe and are important for anyone who’s just getting to know Jesus, as well as those who’ve walked with Him for years. The story from John tells us two important things about Jesus coming back to life: it shows us that we can have a real, personal relationship with Jesus, and it gives us a new purpose in life. We’re going to dig into these ideas more in the sermon.

1. Jesus coming back to life means we can have a real, personal relationship with Him

When Jesus came back to life, it marked a change in our relationship with Him. It’s like He breathed new life into His followers. This change isn’t just about believing in God, it’s about personally experiencing Him, which can turn your whole outlook on life upside down. It’s about realizing that God isn’t just an idea, but a living, breathing reality.

Sometimes, what we feel in our hearts and what we think in our heads can be at odds. We might struggle to fully trust Jesus or see the world as He does. When Jesus showed up to His followers even though they were hiding behind locked doors, it challenged what they believed about life after death and about God. It proved that Jesus was really there with them. To truly understand and know God, we have to be willing to have our beliefs shaken up and see our need for Him.

Becoming a follower of Jesus means joining in on what God wants to do, instead of just expecting Him to do what we want. It means being okay with the fact that God is in control and might ask us to do things we don’t want to. If we’re only interested in a god who fits neatly into our own ideas and desires, we’re missing out on a real, personal relationship.

Having a personal relationship with God means being open to the idea that God might disagree with your beliefs and desires. Reading the Bible can help us understand this more, as it shows us that we need a God who can challenge and contradict us. If the most important thing in your life is your own comfort, happiness, looks, popularity, or money, you’ll end up feeling like you’re not enough. But if you live for something bigger, like God, you’ll find true worth.

2. Jesus coming back to life gives us a new purpose in life

When we encounter God, it changes us from being all about ourselves to caring deeply for others. Jesus’ Holy Spirit changes us in a way that brings us down to earth and fills us up, turning our focus towards helping other people. When we follow Jesus, we join a bigger purpose of fighting against wrong and suffering. This can make a huge difference, as we live lives of honesty and radical love.



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