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To an Unknown God

Tim Keller |  October 19, 2003

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  • Understanding the Gospel
Acts 17:16-34
RS 171-07

Acts 17:16–34

Just like today, Christianity was born in a time of doubt and resistance. However, the powerful message of the gospel managed to change people’s hearts and reshape the entire Roman Empire. The book of Acts helps us understand how the gospel was able to make such a change, by revealing its cultural, intellectual, and personal impact. This is vital for us as we share the gospel in our own skeptical society.

1. The cultural power of the gospel

In the marketplace of Athens, Paul shared the gospel, showing it’s not just something for church on Sundays, but for every part of life. We see its power to change culture through the lives of ordinary fishermen who became disciples and African Christians who made a difference in their communities. So, the gospel’s teachings should guide our actions in public, not just in private.

2. The intellectual power of the gospel

Even philosophers who say they don’t believe in God show signs of subconscious belief in their lives. The idea of denying God’s existence creates contradictions, seen in both academia and popular culture. We also see tension when people talk about human rights but don’t consider where our morals come from. The gospel helps us understand the source of morality and the importance of believing that Jesus really did rise from the dead.

3. The personal power of the gospel

The gospel is powerful because it’s persuasive. Paul shared that God is not just a creator, but a judge who sent Jesus Christ to earth. The most incredible part of the gospel is the deep love Jesus showed, choosing to take punishment instead of giving it. When we truly grasp this love, it frees us. This love can change us personally, intellectually, and culturally and make others curious about the gospel, leading to a change in our society.



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