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Treasure vs. Money

Tim Keller |  May 2, 1999

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  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
Matthew 6:19-34
RS 102-07

Matthew 6:19–34

In the Sermon on the Mount, especially in Matthew 6, Jesus talks about how money can control us and why we should concentrate on the treasures in heaven instead. He says that our desires are tied to what we value most, which is why money can sometimes feel so important. But Jesus also gives us a way to overcome this by telling us to focus on seeking God’s kingdom and living a righteous life. This will help us see money from a gospel perspective.

1. Understanding money’s control over us

Jesus compares the eye to a lamp that lights up our whole body. He uses this to show how wanting too much stuff can make us spiritually blind and mess up our understanding of what’s truly important. Greed can sneak up on us, and if we think we’re immune to it, we’re probably already affected. Because of this, it’s important that we pay attention to what influences our financial choices and hold ourselves accountable to Christian values.

2. Why money has this control over us

Money has power because it shows us what our hearts really want, and we often use it to feel important or safe. But we need to remember that money can’t really give us these things. The only true security and worth come from God, who never changes and is always there for us.

3. How we can stop money from controlling us

We can reduce money’s control over us by focusing more on the treasures in heaven, especially by seeing Jesus as our greatest treasure. When we understand how much God values us, it helps us to stop wanting so much stuff. The Gospel tells us that we’re spiritually rich, which should make money seem less important. Being generous and giving away some of what we have, like when we tithe, can also help us live with integrity and make a positive impact on those around us.



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