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Two Meet Jesus

Tim Keller |  April 13, 1997

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Luke 24:13-32
RS 75-2


One of the most amazing things about Luke 24 is all that’s left out. In Acts 1, written also by Luke, we’re told that Luke knew about the fact that Jesus was actually on earth for 40 days after the resurrection teaching his disciples and appearing to people, meaning there were probably scores of other dramatic experiences people had of meeting with the risen Lord.

It makes these select few that Luke does preserve all the more remarkable. If Luke only preserves three, then it’s right for us to assume he must think these three, in all their features, convey to us the meaning of the resurrection better, perhaps, than any of the other appearances.

So it’s right for us to say, “What do they teach? What do we learn?” Not just that Jesus is risen, but what about the fact that Jesus is risen? Here’s what we’re going to learn. We’re going to learn about their spiritual blindness and how to have a personal encounter with Christ.

Luke 24:13–34

Looking at Jesus’ appearances after He rose from the dead in Luke 24, we see the disciples struggling to understand, which highlights our need for a personal meeting with Jesus. These appearances and the evidence of resurrection are very important, challenging the idea that we can live a life of faith without believing in resurrection. The Bible also shows us that simply changing our surroundings can’t fix our problems – we need a change of heart and to be saved. It’s also important to have friends, a community, and God’s Word, so we can truly feel Jesus’ presence and have our hearts set on fire.



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