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Union With Christ

Tim Keller |  September 19, 1993

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  • Hope
  • Christian Living and Obedience
  • Understanding the Gospel
1 Peter 1:3-5
RS 250-02

Understanding 1 Peter 1:3–5

1 Peter teaches us how to handle life’s ups and downs, showing us the power of a strong faith, especially when life gets tough. It reminds us that being a Christian doesn’t mean life becomes easy. Instead, it teaches us that everyone faces challenges. The key point is to trust God who is always with us and leads us. God promises us a new life and a heavenly inheritance through Jesus Christ, which helps us face life’s problems.

1. God’s mercy is the reason for our salvation

When we talk about being chosen by God, it’s all about His mercy. Our salvation comes from His grace and not anything we have done or any good qualities we possess. We shouldn’t be proud or boastful, as our faith in Christ is a gift from God’s mercy. If we wonder why not everyone is saved, we should remember that God’s mercy is beyond our comprehension and the way He saves people is a great demonstration of His mercy.

2. Salvation comes through a new birth

The idea of salvation is linked to the notion of being born again. This change gives Christians a new nature, making them different from non-Christians. This isn’t about changing our habits or beliefs, but a total transformation of our souls. This is shown in the story of Esau and Jacob. God’s mercy triggers this new birth, which is the pathway to salvation in our lives.

3. How to know you’ve been born again

Knowing if you have a new life in Christ involves understanding the importance of a living hope and the sureness of God’s victory. This is different from simple optimism. It separates the solid hope that Christianity offers from the hopeless outlook found in many Eastern religions and in a world without God. The struggle to define kindness and fairness without belief in God, the clash of cultural values, and the emphasis on a living hope and future inheritance in Christianity, along with the unbreakable connection between individuals and their faith, are also talked about.



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