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Walking in Wisdom (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  June 9, 1991

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  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Christian Living and Obedience
Ephesians 5:11-17
RS 215-18

Ephesians 5:11–17

Ephesians 5:13-17 talks about being wise and understanding what God wants us to do. Even though it can be hard for us to fully grasp God’s wisdom, it’s important to try to learn what the Bible says about being wise. The passage tells us that wisdom is really important and gives us some ideas about what it means to live wisely.

1. Why do we need to live wisely?

For Christians, it’s important to interact well with people who don’t share our beliefs, without giving up our own faith or separating ourselves. It can be tough to stay true to our faith while connecting with others, and we might find ourselves acting like tourists, immigrants, or ambassadors. Especially when we’re acting as ambassadors, we need to be careful about how we live, because our actions show what we believe and can affect how people see Jesus.

2. What does living wisely look like?

Wisdom is more than just being smart, feeling deeply, or having a strong will. It’s about knowing the truth that comes from God. Wisdom includes learning and practical skills, valuing truth and knowledge more than surface-level things, and making good choices in life. The ultimate example of wisdom is found in Jesus Christ, whose teachings should change us. When we turn away from wrong and towards God, He gives us wisdom.



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