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Water and Wind

Tim Keller |  December 9, 1990

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  • The Holy Spirit
  • Salvation
  • Understanding the Gospel
John 3:4-15
RS 11-11

John 3:4–15

In the book of John, we are told that to get into God’s kingdom, we must be born again. This doesn’t mean we get to decide how we find God; rather, it suggests that God changes us in a way that makes us see Him as our King. The Bible uses pictures like the wind and a snake on a stick to show how this new birth can be unexpected, just like the wind, and can happen when we look to Jesus with faith.

1. What does it mean to be born again?

When Jesus talks about being born again, He isn’t talking about something we can do ourselves. Instead, He’s talking about a change that’s as powerful and mysterious as the wind, something only God’s Spirit can do. We can’t make ourselves be born again any more than we can control the wind. The point is that we need to depend on God to change us and give us the hope that comes from following Jesus.

2. How can I be born again?

In a conversation with a man named Nicodemus, Jesus said that being born again starts with believing in Him. He told a story about how Moses lifted up a snake on a stick to save the people. In the same way, we need to look to Jesus to be saved from our selfishness and sin. Jesus also emphasizes that being born again isn’t just a one-time event. It’s about living a new life every day, reading the Bible, obeying God, praying, and being part of a community of believers. And when we do this, it brings great joy to heaven. But we also need to remember not to neglect our spiritual growth.



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