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When the World Hates You

Tim Keller |  January 26, 1992

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  • Sharing Your Faith
  • Christian Living and Obedience
John 15:16-16:1
RS 26-04

John 15:16–16:1

When Jesus compares Himself to a vine and His followers to branches in John’s gospel, it paints a picture of how meeting Jesus changes His disciples. This change creates a new outlook on life and a special bond with the world. But this change also sets Christians apart from the world, causing disagreements and challenges. However, this is also what allows them to share about Jesus. Understanding these big changes, difficulties and tasks are important for both those who follow Jesus and those who are thinking about it.

1. Radical conflict

Christians often find themselves at odds with others because they believe and teach things that are different and sometimes hard for non-Christians to understand. Christians believe in a truth that is greater than what we can experience with our senses, a truth that may challenge what society considers normal or acceptable. This belief in a higher truth demands that we obey God, which can be seen as a threat to the world’s power and often results in Christians being treated poorly.

2. Radical change

Christians can face rejection and hostility because their main loyalty is to Jesus, which can sometimes clash with loyalty to jobs, ethnic groups, or political parties. This commitment to Jesus might be seen as a betrayal by others, as it requires admitting our flaws and weaknesses. Even though the world might not like it, Christians are meant to be like salt, bringing healing and sharing about Jesus, who promises to give them strength in any conflict.

3. Radical challenge

The special love between Christians and Jesus often sets them apart from what society considers normal. Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to God. They also believe that becoming a Christian is not about personal effort, but about God’s kindness. Christians find happiness in their heavenly promise, live with a sense of unshakeable freedom and wealth, and are called to share their faith. They are led by the Holy Spirit to live victorious lives.



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