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Tim Keller |  January 13, 1991

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  • Communion and Baptism
John 3:22-36
RS 11-13

John 3:22–36

Jesus, his followers, and John were out baptizing people in the countryside. There was a disagreement about the importance of this ritual. Jesus, being the ultimate truth-teller, helps us make sense of our lives. But, many people don’t accept what he says because it’s hard to hear about God’s anger, our mistakes, faith and commitment. This rejection is like refusing to understand life’s purpose, since Jesus’ words reveal the ultimate truth about life.

1. He helps us see clearly

Jesus helps us see ourselves and life more clearly, like a trusted advisor. He teaches us to be honest, generous and loving. He pushes us to think about our own actions instead of blaming others, emphasizing self-reflection. Real happiness comes from admitting our flaws and letting Jesus guide us.

2. He speaks with authority

Jesus, as the ultimate truth-teller, speaks with the highest authority and clarity because He knows God and all creation firsthand. His words are powerful because they come from his own experiences, not just hearsay. To accept Jesus’ authority, we have to admit our past mistakes and let him guide us, even when it’s hard or goes against what we want, because he knows what’s best.

3. How will you respond to his words?

To fully accept Jesus’ teachings, we need to be deeply committed, just like when a signet ring symbolizes a promise. This means giving up control of our lives and following his teachings. This includes recognizing that we are saved by Jesus’ love, not by anything we do. By regularly reading the Bible, encouraging each other, and praying, we can keep this commitment and experience a life of clarity, authority, and fulfillment in Jesus.



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