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Tim Keller |  March 17, 1996

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  • Anxiety
James 4:13-17
RS 266-17

James 4:13–17

This scripture, James 4:13-17, discusses how people often make plans and try to manage situations without considering what God wants. The problem here is forgetting to include God in our daily routines, in our planning, our work, and the decisions we make. It’s a serious mistake to separate our actions, thoughts, and emotions from God and what He does. This is why it’s essential to always remember to say “God willing” in all areas of life.

1. Why is this so harmful to God?

Forgetting God is a serious mistake, it’s like trying to take His place and wanting His divine qualities. This act of pride not only decreases our own value, but it can also lead to God forgetting us. On the other hand, if we remember God, we become part of His divine plan, which brings us recognition, purpose, and glory.

2. Why is this harmful to us?

The focus here is on the negative effects of worry and the importance of realizing that we can’t control everything, but God can. Pride and worry can be lessened by relying on God’s grace and the message of the gospel. This can also stop us from becoming bitter and feeling like a failure. Understanding and accepting God’s will and grace can change our view of things, decrease negative feelings, and lead to a happy, satisfied life.



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